My GolfClub TeeTimes

Frequently Asked Questions

MyGolfClubTeeTimes is an online service that helps golfers and their groups manage their tee times, track confirmations and cancellations, and sends tee time reminders.  We don't sell tee times and we're not affiliated with those sites that do.  Our focus is to remove the problems associated with managing your playing partners.  What kinds of problems?

  •   Getting confirmation that someone will or won't show up
  •   Accurately communicating tee time specifics to your foursome
  •   If you'd rather playing with someone you know, search your group's tee times to find openings
Welcome aboard! Once you've logged in, you can do a few of things:

Once you're in a club, you'll be able to search for any open spots on their tee times too.
Yes, every membership level can add tee times. When you add a tee time, you are it's owner. Ownership cannot be changed. Owner's can manage their tee times by: sending in app messages to the players, changing player status, and even change players at any time.

Once you assign a club to the tee time, you'll be able to assign players by name or email address.
As the owner of a tee time, you can change players at any time. You can also change their status at any time. For instance, should you come to learn someone cannot make the tee time, you can change their status to 'cancelled', which will immediately open that spot up to be found by another member of your club. Players that are not owners, can only change their playing status.
The number of clubs you can belong is based on site membership levels. 'Par' membership allows only one club. TBD, as to when other levels will be available.
No. You have the option of adding tee times without assigning a club (select "No Club Assignment"). This will prevent the tee time from being visible to your club(s). However, you can only assign email addresses as player participants.

All participants will get email notification of the tee time, with calendar attachment, and any messages you send.
Yes! Just enter a vaild email address and they will receive an email about the tee time, with calendar attachement. They will also receive any messages you send to the foursome about the tee time. However, non-members cannot update their status - but as owner, you can.
Dunno yet. We're giving it a lot of thought. Your feedback will help! Take the survey here
Notifications will occur via email and if your choose, SMS Text for a variety of events.

Notifications can be customized. From the Dashboard, click on "My Settings" to learn about the types of notifications available and the events that trigger notification.

For example, as a tee time owner you can choose to be notified days in advance of a tee time in the event your foursome has not confirmed their participation or a player has cancelled. You can also choose to be notified in the event someone in your club grabs an open spot on your tee time.
Click on "Find a Club" from the main page or click on "My Clubs" from your Dashboard. You'll be directed to a search page where you can enter search criteria such as location, club name, or even club owner name. You'll also be able to filter through search results to fine tune the result list.
No. It is possible to assign someone to a tee time that is not a member of your group or even the website. However, they will not be able to use the site. See the FAQ: Can I assign non-group members to my tee times?
As a club owner, you'll be able to send Club Invites. Click on "My Clubs", select the club and click "Send Club Invite". You'll need to enter valid email addresses. If the invitee is already a member of the website, they will receive a notification to join. If they are not, they will receive an email invite to join.
From the Dashboard, click on "My Clubs". Here you'll see a list of the clubs you belong to. Select the club to view a member list.
In MyGolfClubTeeTimes, Tee Times have status codes to help you determine what's going on.
OKInitial status. When a tee time gets added
CancelledWhen tee time owner cancels a tee time
ConfirmedWhenever all players confirm their participation
WarningWhenever one or more players have not confirmed by the tee time date or Warning Threshold as set by the owner.
In MyGolfClubTeeTimes, on Tee Times, each player has status codes to help you determine what's going on. Once a Tee Time is added, its owner is automatically confirmed, as is anyone that finds/grabs an open spot.
ConfirmedPlayer has confirmed their participation
CancelledPlayer has cancelled. Their spot becomes searchable/available to the club
NonePlayer has not stated any intention whether to play or not
From your Dashboard, clicking on 'Find Tee Time' will bring up a feature allowing you to enter search criteria to find availability. You can search by Club, Timeframe, and available spots: Exactly 1, 1 or more, etc. You can select Timeframes such as 'today', 'today morning', 'today afternoon', 'This Week', 'Next Month', etc.

You can search through all your clubs at the same time also. However, tee times must be assigned to a particular club in order to be searched. It is possible to not assigned a club when a tee time is added.

Also, you can filter through search results, for instance, to find a particular person by name. Search results include player information as well as tee time information.